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But make no mistake. We are a bike shop.

We sell the world’s best rides, from Specialized’s unparalleled racing whips to some of the grittiest, take-no-prisoners Cyclocross sleds by Focus and mountain and gravel grinders by Yeti Cycles and Fuji Bikes. For bike enthusiasts not worried about a podium finish, we have an extensive line of hybrid bikes as well as eye-catching, work-of-art commuter bikes by Biria. Add an extensive line of parts, accessories and a bike racer wrench turner and, yeah, you’ve got one heck of a bike shop.

And we have a heckuva lot more, too!

We know that cycling isn’t just a sport, it’s a lifestyle. A culture. That’s why we carry original cycling-themed artwork, glassware, and apparel to satisfy your thirst for all things two-wheeled. Need a gift for a bike-riding buddy? We’re your shop. And, for all the Femmes out there who’ve been frustrated at the lack of selection bike shops have for them (co-owner Rebecca was one of them!), fret no more. We have all the apparel, bikes, and accessories you need – and offer up all the respect you deserve. Oh, and for those just looking to ride, this might just be your new go-to shop. Our famous wall of routes offers a selection of scenic, low-traveled rides ranging from 10 to 30+ miles.


No doubt about it, this is the big guy on campus. If you tuned in to the Tour de France, you know what we mean. Clearly, road bikes are a Specialized specialty, but the two-wheeled fun doesn’t end there. Every level of cyclist will find a bike in the Specialized lineup matched perfectly to them. Kids, that means you, too! READ MORE

Pedego Electric Bikes

Pedego is the number-one brand of electric bikes in America, and as soon as you take your first pedal, you'll understand why. See, Pedego is just as passionate about ground-breaking technology as they are about you, the rider. They say they're all about fun, and since we can't wipe the smile off our faces while we're riding, we can say with confidence they're succeeding! READ MORE

Fuji Bikes

Fuji is perhaps one of the most iconic names in bicycles. Around since 1899, this brand has managed to not just stay with the sport, but to lead it. From the track to the road and up the mountain, Fuji continues to be a true trailblazer in our sport. READ MORE

BMC Bikes

Swiss Precision. It’s a thing. From watches that have long led the world in quality to bikes that look as smooth as they ride. BMC riders are Olympic Champions, wearers of the Yellow Jersey, owners of stage wins, and enthusiasts with the most discriminating taste. You want the best? Ride BMC. READ MORE

Focus Bikes

Yeah, we were the first shop to bring FOCUS to Lancaster County. We ride them, and yes, we know them inside and out. German engineering rules the road here, and it’s been expertly tweaked for all you speed addicts. Best part? The price isn’t nearly as flashy as the technology. Disc brakes? Yep. Electronic shifting? Yep. Price that beats the competition? You bet. READ MORE

Salsa Cycles

This brand is HOT. Minnesota-based Salsa Cycles heats up the mountain game with ripping bikes that won't tear up your wallet. Awesome technology. Eye-catching colors. Opening doors to new cycling adventures. That's what Salsa Cycles is all about. READ MORE

Breezer Bikes

In 1977 Joe Breeze built a modern mountain bike, and the Breezer brand was born – the very first mountain biking brand in the world. Ever the innovator, Joe’s brand still stays ahead of the curve, producing one of the best belt drive bikes on the market and quality hybrids with handsome looks. READ MORE

Yeti Bikes

Hear that? It’s the mountain calling. If you want to be ready for all of its ups, downs, twists, and turns, you want to be riding a Yeti. This Colorado brand is widely hailed as the best in the world for those whose rides roll over rocks instead of roads. READ MORE

SE Bikes

THE name in BMX and makers of kids’ bikes that rip. SE knows cool and their bikes prove it. Their popular retro line of bikes mix classic old-school looks with modern-day geometry. SE's innovative, gusset-welded top tube junction "PK Ripper" has become the most legendary BMX bike of all time. READ MORE

Biria Bikes

A bike. A work of art. Biria is both. These super comfortable bikes are built for the pure joy of riding. We love the idea of the Easy Boarding option, allowing riders to mount the bike without having to lift their leg more than 3” off the ground. Beautiful bikes. Expertly crafted. READ MORE

Dahon Folding Bikes

Ah, sweet folding freedom! So many of us would commute by bike if only it were convenient. If only it were easy. If only it were possible. Dahon does much to eliminate these limitations, and do it in style. A leader in folding bike technology, Dahon offers a rich lineup of bikes in a wide range of price points. Excellent quality. Excellent technology. Go ahead, get in the fold! READ MORE

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